Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator Cassandra Johnson

Ms. Johnson graduated from Mercy College with a Master of Education in Counseling and Development with Specialization in Professional School Counseling (M.Ed.) For the past 17 years, she has devoted herself to the radiology department engaging multiple services and subspecialties to ensure patients receive optimal radiology care. Working at Jacobi Medical Center affords her the opportunity to pursue her passion working in healthcare and helping physicians achieve their educational and career goals.

As the Radiology Residency Program Coordinator, Cassandra is integral to the ongoing advancement of the program and works closely with the Radiology Program Director and the Radiology Department Chairman to ensure residents fulfill the requirements for their medical education. She is actively involved in resident recruitment and in the radiology resident applicant and selection process. Amongst a plethora of responsibilities, whether it is coordinating the Radiology Department grand rounds schedule or being a listening ear to a given resident’s concern, Cassandra is intricately immersed in all aspects of the radiology residents’ work life and educational experience.

Tel: 718.918.3612